I was 9 years old when I was brought to the mart and bought my first Hereford heifer calf for £42 and selling her back in Ballymahon Mart a year and a half later for £720. I remember being able to sit up on her back and she would walk around the yard like a donkey. She was real pet. When I sold her I bought two more calves a Hereford bull and a Friesian heifer which became my first cow. Despite being only nine I considered myself to being a farmer never mind becoming a farmer. My first ewe was Darky the pet lamb who had a twisted neck. She was a Suffolk ewe and I remember cycling down the lane to feed her milk when all of a sudden she ran out in front of me and I hit the ditch to avoid hitting her and got flung off the bike. She went on to breed lambs every year but it was always a challenge to get her to take up with her lambs.

Full Lamb consists of

  •  2 Shoulders.
  •  2 Fillets.
  •  2 Legs.
  •  Diced lamb.
  • Rack of Lamb or Cutlets  or 1 of each or both in Cutlets or 2 in racks.
  • Shoulder chops.
  • Centre loin chops.
  • Lamb kidneys, heart and liver.

Half Lamb consists of

  • 1 Shoulder.
  • 1 Fillet.
  • 1 Leg.
  • Diced lamb.
  • One Rack of lamb or Cutlets.
  • Shoulder chops.
  • Centre loin chops.
  • Lambs liver.

When pre ordering , one can specify both racks or cutlets or 1 of each, full shoulders or all in chops or both. This is only for a full lamb.

Cloughan Farm Lamb is a big hit with patrons to our National Award Winning Cookery School and our motto is, if it is not good enough for us, it’s definitely not good enough for you.

My name is Michael Farrell. I suppose I can say I am a mad passionate farmer. Born and raised on a farm where both my parents gave me lots of opportunities to realize my dreams of becoming a farmer. From a young age from being brought to the mart to buy my own calves to rearing pet lambs on the bottle, to giving me the huge chance of living for the moment out in the wild country air to being my own boss and to loving all things agriculture.