Family Baking – From The Nest Box To The Plate


Visit our hens & collect their freshly laid eggs.In the kitchen beat into a delicious velvety sponge cake, decorate with beautifully ripened fruits and freshly whipped Irish cream.

Make a tasty seasonal fruit cordial to wash it all down while sitting in one of our many outdoor farm picnic areas. But of course, if you prefer we can box and bottle it up for you to be enjoyed later on on your journey across the fabulous hidden heartlands and beyond

Here at Cloughan Farm & Cookery School we absolutely believe passionately in introducing &  reconnecting with the land and its beautiful bounty in a fun and hands on way so that’s why we’ve come up with this tasty hands on baking class that all the family can get involved.

To book or for more information call 0871457741 or email