Grow Your Own Dried Flowers & Easter Wreath Making Workshop

Sat 9th April 10am-5pm 

Course Description:

Join Sarah of Willow and WIld Blooms, a horticulturalist and all round flower fanatic to learn the art of Dried Flowers. Sarah trained as a horticulturist in UCD and has many years experience in the horticulture sector. Having always had a creative side and a passion for sustainability she embarked on the path of dried flowers.

Sarah embraces the naturalistic style of wreath making using flowers and foliage we can all grow in our gardens or forage from the fields. Bring the outside inside and grace your home with the beauty of the Irish countryside this Easter.

Sarah will take you step by step how to create your own dried flower wreath, from how to grow your own dried flowers, the tools and techniques to dry flowers and of course how to create your own beautiful Easter wreath.

All materials and tools provided, each person will take home their own unique wreath.


Meet and Greet

Your morning will begin with a warm welcome from myself Fiona while you enjoy a homemade and freshly prepared light Cloughan Farm breakfast. Just out of the oven our handmade breads & scones served with homemade jam’s & local honey. Once you get started with Sarah, our kitchen will be busy preparing a delicious Easter themed lunch for you to enjoy during your wreath making & dried flower seed sowing workshop.

At Cloughan Farm we want to give you a day of relaxation, a day to allow yourself discover your creative energy, to reconnect with food and nature and enjoy the learning our islands magnificent flora and fauna all year round.

Course Outline!

Learn how to grow some of the fundamental dried flowers with a hands-on gardening demonstration.


Learn the fundamentals and techniques required to dry your own flowers


Learn how to create your own dried flower wreath, including how to create your own natural wreath base