Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden & Herbs Workshop

February 5th Sat 2022


Have you always wanted to grow or improve your skills growing your own vegetables and fruit but just don’t know where to begin.

We are delighted to be joined by qualified horticulturist  Fiona McCormack for this class at Cloughan Farm & Cookery School

Fiona studied in Warrenstown College Co Meath and after went on to passionately pursue a career in gardening. She has many years experience working and teaching in nurseries, garden center’s & gardens in Ireland & the Netherlands.

Fiona says “I started growing vegetables along side my parents, they always had a vegetable garden, I now grow all our own fruit & vegetables for our family and I am hugely interested in sustainability & self sufficiency, this has naturally lead on to taking up beekeeping too” .

Fiona will take you step by step through the wonderful process of  sowing, growing and caring for your produce right up to harvest.

Fiona will also talk about what is soil, how it is made and how to mind this beautiful earth

How to create a compost bank

Enriching your soil without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizer.

Creating and sowing in a plot or raised bed, containers and polytunnel or greenhouse and what vegetables and fruits are suitable.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Fiona to Cloughan Farm & Cookery School and sharing with us her wealth of knowledge. We will have more details about our gardening class shortly


Your morning will begin with a warm welcome from myself as you enjoy freshly baked scones topped with our homemade jam and a good dollop of cream. All to be enjoyed with a cup of leaf tea or freshly brew coffee.

You’ll join Fiona for your gardening class and during the day break for a delicious lunch.

At Cloughan Farm we want to give you a day of relaxation, a day to allow yourself discover your creative energy, to reconnect with food and nature and enjoy the learning of our islands magnificent flora and fauna all year round.