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Elderflower & Lime Cheesecake   Elderflower & Lime Cheesecake  Ingredients: For the base 250g Digestive biscuits 125g butter melted For the Filling 450g Philadelphia  full fat cream cheese 170g caster sugar Zest 2 limes finely grated 125ml Richmount Elderflower Cordial 500ml lightly whipped cream 5 sheets leaf gelatin To Decorate 100ml lightly whipped cream 125g fresh raspberries Zest [...]

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Student One Pot Bolognese

Studant One Pot Bolognaise   This is a brilliant recipe for anyone starting off in the kitchen. It requires very little effort but is packed full of flavour and nutrition. Delicious with baked, creamed or boiled potatoes. Served with spaghetti or tagliatelle is also a delicious alternative. You can also use this bolognaise as the [...]

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