Chocolate Roulade

Ingredients: Serves 8 For the roulade 125g plain chocolate or half milk, half dark 5 eggs separated 125g castor sugar     For The Filling: 250g fresh or frozen raspberries 25g caster sugar 5-6 fresh raspberries to decorate 300ml fresh cream lightly whipped Icing sugar to dust Few sprigs of mint Method: Line with parchment [...]

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Chocolate & Banoffee Cheese Cake

Chocolate & Banoffee Cheese Cake - Fiona Egan Cloughan Farm & Cookery School - Taste of the Lakelands 2017   Chocolate & Banoffee Cheesecake - Serves 12-14   Ingredients: Base: 250g digestive biscuits 85g butter 3 tabsp chocolate spread ( nutella)   Filling: 450g Philadelphia cream cheese (full fat) 170g castor sugar [...]

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Bake A Cake For Dadddy’s Day

    Isn't it just wonderful to have all these days to celebrate with family and friends and Fathers Day is no exception... People sometimes say how all these date's have become so commercial but you know what, if these dates were never recognized  nationally or throughout the world we might never take the time to say thank you to our [...]

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Baked With Love From Me To You

Love Is In The Air Yes, St Valentines day is generally associated with romance, but at Cloughan Farm & Cookery School we say its a day to celebrate people and their company.. A lovely warm mug of steaming hot chocolate, a few homemade biscuits to nibble on and of course a good old chat ..Now [...]

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Summer Berry Cheesecake

Hi everyone, its me again and this time I'm posting a recipe for a summer berry cheesecake "Summer you say"  yes,yes I hear you but, its from my old blog that I  used to use, and more importantly it uses frozen fruit which we are a big fan of here at Cloughan Farm & Cookery [...]

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Hello Everyone and Welcome! My name is Fiona Egan and together with my husband Michael Farrell we run Cloughan Farm & Cookery School. We believe strongly in producing and eating pure & honest, healthy food. How our food is produced is just as important to us as what we eat. Supporting local producers is the success for [...]

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