Cake Decorating – Sugarcraft – Hands On

Sat Feb 23rd 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Have you always wanted to decorate a cake for a family or friends christening, communion,birthday,or any special occasion?

We’ve invited along to Cloughan Farm and Cookery School for a day, the very talented & experienced Marian Malone from Special Occasion Cakes to host a hands on Sugarcarft Class teaching students how to cover & decorate this absolutely stunning cake from start to finish & Marian will take you through all the steps of how to recreate & customize the cake according to your occasion or celebration.

Suitable for beginners. All ingredients & equipment supplied, lunch included.

Entertaining Friends & Family  Buffet Style – Hands On

March 26th Tue 6.30pm-10.00pm €40

Communion/Confirmation/Family Or Friend Celebrations 

In this class you’ll learn all the tips & tricks suitable for hosting a family or friends gathering in your own home. We will take you through the preparation for organizing your space layout, delegating jobs & menu planning.

You’ll be getting hands on in our kitchen preparing, cooking & baking simple but delicious recipes  that you’ll be able to prepare in advance and that won’t see you running around like a headless chicken before your guests arrive or during their stay..

You’ll be the perfect host and we’ll even throw in tips to help you escape the wash-up!!

Fabulous Baking & Desserts Hands On 

Feb 26th Tue 6.30pm-10.00pm €40

A home baked cake, a pot of tea, a comfy chair, an hour of peace and a good old chat – it’s as good as a holiday.
In this class you will learn how to make delicious cakes & sponges, sinful desserts with all the trimmings and puddings to make your eyes water . You’ll be armed with an array of deliciousness to take home & enjoy where I’m sure you’ll have eagerly awaiting family or friends, or both when they hear your off on a hands on baking & dessert cookery class.

Meat Free Meals—Hands On – New Class

March 23rd Sat 10.00am-2.00pm €40

Would you like to include more fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet but not sure of how to make a complete meal or side dish out of them. This is just the class for you whether your a fully fledged vegetarian or carnivore.

Simply Practical Cooking & Baking – Hand On

March 12th Tue 6.30pm-10.00pm €40

Soups, Breads, Dinners, Puddings & Desserts. In this class we will cover and give a modern twist to soups, sauces, lunch & dinners and of course yummy  puddings and desserts. This class will focus on good essential skills and recipes for feeding the family while trying to get a work life balance right. You’ll head home full of delicious food and rearing to get back into your own kitchen with your new recipe pack under your arm and a mind full of fresh inspiration.